South City Tech Outlet provides professional computer repair services with the latest industry standards. We can fix nearly any problem you have from replacing broken screens to hard drive data recovery. We have affordable rates so you don't have to break the bank to get your computer back to normal. We also provide FREE, no obligation, basic repair estimates. Fixing that old laptop may be easier and cheaper than you think!

All of our in shop services are flat rate. NO HOURLY FEES!

Damaged Laptop Screens & Hardware

Hardware/Software Repair & Upgrades

Hardware/Software Repair & Upgrades


Broken Hinges?

Broken Screen?

Won’t Power On?

Power Jack Broken?

We repair all these issues and more. If it can go wrong with your laptop, South City Tech Outlet can fix it!

Hardware/Software Repair & Upgrades

Hardware/Software Repair & Upgrades

Hardware/Software Repair & Upgrades


Hardware Diagnostic of Desktops & Laptops

Custom computer design and sales

Computer upgrades


Computer component testing

Operating System Install/Upgrades

Computer Tune-Ups

Physical Computer Cleaning

Windows Password Recovery

Software Installation

Hardware Installation

Antivirus Installation

Virus/Malware Removal

Hardware/Software Repair & Upgrades

Virus/Malware Removal


Have tons of pop-ups?

Computer slowing down?

Website searches not working right?

Strange behavior when on the Internet?

Locked out of your machine?

Viruses and malware infections can happen anytime anywhere. And once they have got their hooks in your machine they don’t let go easily.

We have the tools and experience to rid your machine of all the bad stuff and get you back on the right track.

Refurbished Computers

Data Destruction/Disposal

Virus/Malware Removal


As the market continues to soar upwards in the cost of computers, many times a used refurbished computer makes more sense. We offer both desktop and laptop refurbished computers that we put through our diagnostic tests to make sure the components are in a healthy condition. However, due to the low prices offered, these do go fast so check back often. 

Data Recovery

Data Destruction/Disposal

Data Destruction/Disposal


 It's best to have backups of your data but if your computer crashes and you need to recover valuable files, we can provide level 1/2 data recovery from your hard drive. Our data disk recovery service will retrieve all available information from your computer.

Data Destruction/Disposal

Data Destruction/Disposal

Data Destruction/Disposal


We provide data destruction services. Laptops, computers, PC’s, cell phones, tablet devices, and networking equipment such as printers and servers – all of your office equipment now has the ability to store sensitive data, and you need secure data destruction to minimize your exposure to a breach. Our secure data destruction services help you to destroy confidential or sensitive information that is stored on hard drives and other electronic media.





South City Tech Outlet is where retired electronic devices can find new life. We work hard to recycle and refurbish donated electronics we receive. Data destruction is a free service offered for donated electronics. Our goal is to divert technology that would otherwise be thrown away, refurbish it, and give it back to our community if possible, at no or low cost. We maintain strict data security standards when processing any data-bearing devices that pass through our facility. By choosing us as your e-cycler, you can be assured that your data will be properly disposed of. 

Forms & Repair Terms of Service

Download and complete our computer repair work order form and bring it with you to make drop off service faster! Repair terms of service can also be accessed here: