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You can also have your orders shipped to our store to save on shipping.

New to Wish? New users can take up to 80% off their first order by using our referral code “SOUT” within the Wish app at checkout. You can find the app by searching “Wish” in the App Store or Google Play Store or by clicking on the direct links below. Don’t forget, you can also save on shipping and pickup many of the items the same day at South City Tech Outlet! Just click on the Free same-day pickup icon within the app to see the local items for sale! See pics for details.

Wish Package/Item Pick-up Information

Welcome to our Store!

We value you coming to our store and always want to provide a positive experience. However, issues with Wish should be reported to their customer service or directed to their social media outlets as South City Tech Outlet is not owned by Wish and is only contracted with Wish to accept their shipments and provide the packages to you per their rules and regulations.

Package/Item Pick-up Process

 You must have the QR code that Wish provides to pick-up your package(s) or item(s). The QR code can be located within the ready for pick-up confirmation email or in the notification or order history section within the Wish App. 

Package Tracking

South City Tech Outlet scans packages in upon arrival and you are instantly notified through the Wish app and email that your package is ready for pick-up. We do not have the ability to confirm if a package has arrived by phone as packages can not be identified by the customers name. For privacy reasons, the code on the package is only revealed and matched to the customer once we scan your QR code.

Refunds/Canceled Orders

 Wish allows a certain time-frame for orders to be picked up. This time-frame or deadline can be found within the Wish app. Please note: If you wait until day of the deadline date for pick-up, there is a chance that Wish may refund your item before the end of that date, before you arrive for pick-up. 

Wish Order Problems/Issues

If you have a problem with your order, you must contact Wish directly. Wish has only contracted with our business to provide a package or instant pick-up item to you. Problems with Wish should not be directed towards our Facebook page or Google Reviews as South City Tech Outlet is a separate entity. 

Did you know?

Did you know you can now shop online for Wish Local same day/instant pick-up items from your computer?  Click here to check it out: 

Please note: Different Wish items are available at different stores. Not all stores have the same items for pickup. Happy Shopping!